If you’ve ever purchased a Vetbed, we’d love to hear from you! Send pictures if you’d like as well! Email everything to terry@vetbed-canada.com.

On behalf of the members of the Boston Terrier Club of Canada, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Vet-bed for their very generous donation of various Vet-bed items to our National Specialty in October of 2009. Your beds are awesome and we enjoyed and appreciated working with you. You are a great bunch!

Thank you again.

Linda Moss

Trophy Chairman , BTCC

Attached is a picture of Yofi enjoying his new vetbedding. Since Yofi is a big boy (12 lbs of English lop) and he loves to stomp his feet, the combination of that and running around on unforgiving carpeting helped contribute to sore hocks on his hind feet. With the implementation of vetbedding on the floor of his cage, Yofi now has a place to relax and his feet are well cushioned and protected. Probably the most important advantage of vetbedding is the fact that fluids are wicked away from the body…so if Yofi (or his partner-in-crime, my other bunny Anna) decide to use the bedding to urinate, it is immediately drawn away from the surface, and the bedding remains dry. An added bonus when a bunny has open sores on his feet! I also put a piece of barbeque mat (made to go under outdoor barbeques) under the bedding and that helps to absorb the urine that gets wicked from the bedding. 

I used to have some vetbedding for a rabbit who was totally disabled, and the bedding prevented him from getting joint/pressure sores from not being able to get up and move around. It’s also highly resistant to chewing; my two will dig at the bedding a bit, sometimes try to chew it, but it withstands all of their efforts. Rabbits can be notorious for digging and destroying any bedding, but vetbedding is the one product that I’ve found can stand up to their antics. And a toss in the washing machine when it’s dirty and it comes out good as new. Wonderful product! 

Yofi’s feet are continuing to show signs of improvement…he shows no signs of pain so no longer needs Metacam…and with the vetbedding in place (and a little tlc) I’m positive his feet now have the best chance of healing completely. 

Many thanks for making this product available to us Canadians, and for sending it out so soon after receiving my order. It was a pleasure doing business with you, and if I ever require any more bedding I will most definitely contact you. 

Thanks a million!


I just have to tell you guys I absolutely loved the VetBed Gold. This was my first litter and I realize there was less clean up after birthing. I bought a 4 by 5 piece and cut it in half which worked great having the two pieces.

It also washes up really nice. It’s truly a great product. Thank you. http://www.freewebs.com/alittlerandr/


Tammy and Mark Fillion

Tamaridge Ridgebacks

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with VetBed. My last litter was whelped out on wool blankets and towels, and we needed to change it constantly, with Vet Bed we made it through all 10 puppies without having to change it!!

They are 10 days old now, and I am only changing it out morning and night, not because its needed, but because Sere insists that there be nothing on her babies bed. She is still having discharge and that’s the only reason it is being changed.

The vet bed stays completely dry, and the puppies are all dry. Vet Bed washes like a dream and dries very quickly. I can’t say enough about it and have reccomended it to several people.

We also use flectobed for our girls, ridgebacks love to be warm and it’s radiates their own heat back to them keeping them snuggly warm. I have reccomended Flectobed to those whose dogs are getting older and need to keep their joints warm, or just want a good quality bed for their dog. The covers washes up well, and shows no sign of wear, we’ve been using it for over a year now and they all want to be on it!

Great products, and great value given there washability and how well they stand up to constant use.

Joyce Strobel

Ashanti Rhodesian Ridgebacks

Well I did it, I whelped an entire litter on a 1 meter square of your standard vetbed! I did “dab-up” surface liquid as I went, but the entire 7.5 hours, the pups stayed dry and clean. Here is a picture of the bed after I was done as well as the towels underneath that captured the liquid.

Not bad. . . . . . . 11 pups! A lot of mess.


Lance and Debra

Coso Rhodesian Ridgebacks Reg'd

Puppies arrived on Feb 27th – 7 black and tan beauties. The vet bed is working just as you said; it keeps them warm and they can get traction to move around on the pile. I trimmed down the piece and have been able to wash it in my washer. Here is day one picture. We post others weekly on our website: http://oakisle.googlepages.com/

Thanks for such a great product.


I bought some pieces of Vetbed at the Tradex show to use for my Yorkshire Terrier litters, but I am now using them for my Alzheimer’s patient to help prevent skin break downs. This product is so superior to what we used to be able to buy. Just wanted to say thank you for the Vetbeds, and thank you again for supporting our Group 5 Club.

Mary Lou MacLeod

Marydon Yorkshire Terriers

As promised, I would email you about the vet bed gold you gave my husband at the dog show. I have to tell you he loves it so much the dog lost her vet bed to him as well, her little vet bed is on the obttom of the chair and the one you gave him does the back on the seat. He says it makes a big difference. While sitting in his chair for so long, he is still warm but does not sweat like he used to. It is an amazing product. My husband would like to thank you for thinking of him, and would recommend it to anyone who has to sit for long periods of time. Thank you again.

Heather & Wayne

Group V (toy) Dog Club of BC would like to thank VETBED – CANADA for sponsoring their Specialty October 30th 2008 at Tradex. All winners were delighted with the beds.

In addition, we would like to thank you for your generous donation. Linda you are a delightful pleasant lady and hope to do business with you again in the future.

Margaret Roberge

Group V Dog Club

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you how highly I think of your product. I have a litter of Keeshond due shortly. This will be the second litter born on Vetbed.

It is fabulous…mother and puppies stay dry. The product is so easy to care for. Daily washing and it looks like new. I even used Vetbed in the x-pen til the day the puppies left at 8 weeks old.

At the Lowermainland Dog Show last week I picked up more Vetbed …. I plan to use this product in kennels rather than beds. Gosh I wish I had picked one of the colors..next year.


Esther Carr

RicKees Reg'd Keeshond

We are really pleased with our Vetbed at the Babine Pet Hospital in Smithers. We have found no other bedding that keeps our patients so dry and warm, providing a high level of comfort. It is especially good for our kennel bound animals, the thick pile preventing pressure sores, and the moisture wicking ability preventing urine soiling.

It washes well, time after time, and is quick drying, an essential feature in a busy practice with a high turnover of patients! We love the fact we can cut it to size to fit our kennels, We recommend Vetbed to all veterinarians to use in their clinic’s.

Mike Des Harmais BSC.,DVM

Babine Pet Hospital

Just wanted to drop you guys a short note

I bought some of the vet bed at the last show in Chilliwack. I was a bit skeptical since my bitch has not wanted any kind of matting in the whelping box and has ripped anything else to shreds

But she is very happy with the new mat and the puppies love it. They are much more relaxed now that they have something to lay on

I am very impressed with its wash ability and it dries very quickly. I have recommended it to a friend of mine who is having puppies soon

Here is a photo of them on the matting – not quite 10 days old


Louise Davie

Sea Island Akitas

My 15 year old dog was recently diagnosed with bladder cancer, she was having to urinate every couple of hours and it wasn’t possible to keep her clean, especially through the night. The vet bed is great. She has the vetbed with a layer of newspapers under it, in the morning her coat and the vetbed is dry, the paper underneath is often wet. 
The vetbed washes easily, dries well in the dryer and also outside and has made a big improvement in the quality of Tassie’s life. 
It’s been a godsend.