Vetbed ® Original

Want the Best? Don’t be fooled by claims or names from any other source! 

Vetbed ® Gold

The Vetbed Gold is our premium Vetbed product. It is very durable and long lasting. If you want the best, you can’t beat Vetbed Gold.

Non-Slip Vetbed ®

Non-Slip Vetbed ® comes in many stylish designs to complement your home. It’s nonslip backing is ideal for polished floors or tiles.

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Pet owners, veterinarians, breeders and pet retailers all love vetbed because it is a truly superior product that is durable, safe and hygienic. Developed by Petlife with vets to provide a product that is long lasting, non-irritating, stain resistant and non-toxic. Pets love the comfort and warmth of vetbed, and helps keep them dry. Special fibres pull moisture and fluids away from your pet, keeping them healthy. Especially important for whelping or convalescent or post operative care and favored by veterinarians. If wet, it drains fast and dries fast. Vetbed can be machine washed.


As promised, I would email you about the vet bed gold you gave my husband at the dog show. I have to tell you he loves it so much the dog lost her vet bed to him as well, her little vet bed is on the obttom of the chair and the one you gave him does the back on the seat. He says it makes a big difference. While sitting in his chair for so long, he is still warm but does not sweat like he used to. It is an amazing product. My husband would like to thank you for thinking of him, and would recommend it to anyone who has to sit for long periods of time. Thank you again.

Heather & Wayne

I bought some pieces of Vetbed at the Tradex show to use for my Yorkshire Terrier litters, but I am now using them for my Alzheimer’s patient to help prevent skin break downs. This product is so superior to what we used to be able to buy. Just wanted to say thank you for the Vetbeds, and thank you again for supporting our Group 5 Club.

Mary Lou MacLeod

Marydon Yorkshire Terriers

Puppies arrived on Feb 27th – 7 black and tan beauties. The vet bed is working just as you said; it keeps them warm and they can get traction to move around on the pile. I trimmed down the piece and have been able to wash it in my washer. Here is day one picture. We post others weekly on our website:

Thanks for such a great product.