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How to care for your Vetbed®

Cleaning Vetbed®

Washing Instructions

Washing Vetbed® is easy.  

Wash in warm water, regular cycle, normal detergent.

Tumble dry on low heat.


Do  wash in hot water, Vetbed® can withstand water temperatures up to 140°F.

Do use laundry aids such a Borax® or Sudsy Ammonia® if your Vetbed is heavily soiled due to welping or any other tough stains. Use ammonia if your Vetbed  smells strongly of urine.  

DON'T  use chlorine bleach!

Chlorine Bleach will shorten the life of your Vetbed®.  Vetbed® is made of  100% synthetic fibres and synthetic fibres become brittle when subjected to chlorine bleach.  If you feel the need to deep clean your Vetbed® use the hottest water available and Borax® or hydrogen peroxide. 

 I strive to educate  my customers on the use and care of their Vetbed®. With a  drycleaning degree from the International Fabricare Institute, I have a very thorough knowledge of fibres and fabrics to provide the very best information  on how best to care forVetbed®

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FYI  why does Vetbed® not loss color when subjected to bleaches?   Vetbed fiber is colored in the manufacturing stage and because it is basically plastic, Vetbed® will not lose its color nor can you change the color because plastic will not absorb dye.