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Crate Sizes

There are many manufacturers of crates. Here is a list of the most common sizes.

Common Crate Sizes


250 27X19
350 32X22
450 36X26
550 40X29

Collapsible Great Crates

GRC1 19X13
GRC2 24X17
GRC3 30X21
GRC4 36X23
GRC5 42X28
GRC6 48X30

Collapsible Wire Crate

100 19X13
102 24X18
103 30X11
104 37X22
180 42X24
106 48X27

Kennel Cabs

Small 19X12.5
Med   23X15
Int      24X17
Large 26X18.5

Vari Kennels

100 21X16
200 27X20
300 32X22
400 36X24
500 40X27
700 48X32